The Mourning Post

by The Mourning Post

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released November 3, 2016

The Mourning Post is:

Julien Dedek - Guitar
Marco Nilgen - Drums
Niklas Lehmann - Bass, Vocals
Lars Lehmann - Guitar, Vocals

Additional Vocals on Venture & Rewrite by Nico Vetter
Additional Guitar on Harbor by Nico Vetter

Music by The Mourning Post. Lyrics by Lars Lehmann.
Drums recorded in April 2016 with Nico Vetter at Gotteswegstudio A, Cologne. Rest recorded from May 2016 - July 2016 with Nico Vetter at Burning Water Boiler Studio, Cologne. Additional recording by Julien Dedek at Very Open Door Studio, Grevenbroich. Mixed by Nico Vetter and The Mourning Post. Mastered by Bastian Hartmann.

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The Mourning Post Köln, Germany

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Track Name: Venture
I'm losing my focus
what to ruin next
afraid of all the could have beens
unable to adapt

the things we do to forget
the times we felt existent in life
like avoiding this record
we played anthemic through our nights

we control
what to expect
of our lives
of ourselves

I don't care if I lose everything I have
I just want to look behind and say
I gave all I had

like having no doubt
where you would rather be
like breaking through walls
if there is nothing to be seen

(they seem so distant)
moving cause movement is all I have
(behind blurred glasses)
what if there is no moving back?

(all these black masses)
in my head I found a fear
I thought I had forgotten
(all my distresses)
remember when everybody changed
and you did not?

we control
what to expect
of our lives
of ourselves

but we long for
burdens to fit
what if you were content
and never lost it?
Track Name: Harbor
as our time runs out
I invent places where you
and I both
could have survived

and I lose my voice when
you beg me to speak up
your heart is a fortress
please don't let your guard down

(I am the distant
blurred behind glasses
I am the black mass
I am your distress)
Track Name: Limbo
and I became my home
finally alone
make it perfect
or I can tear it all down

sleep with open doors
curious looks through
my black painted window

and all the things
you said I could not do
breaking out of me
pent-up years by you

I can rent my own room
I can buy my own car
I can be my own father
I can break my own heart

I deserve the choice
to stay in limbo
between sleep and life
until I set off

(every step I take
I destroy my path
that lies behind me
so I continue
this wearisome pursuit)

I can hide in this room
I can flee in this car
I can become whole again
I can tear myself apart
Track Name: Rewrite
I'm a right click
I have choices
but I can't decide

observing and seeking
a tourist in my own life

this can't be everything
this is the best of me

waiting and working
for better times
and calling it life

so I stare up high
shouting "rewrite! rewrite!"

I can't even speak these words out now
on my way down
I'm paradoxical
as I cut off my hands
to hide what I could have done
or not
there is no way out

I'm so drunk i cannot fear right now
on my way down
I am paradoxical
as I cut off my hands
to hide what I could have done
or not
there is no way out

(we are the fearful)
(we are the brave ones)

and my dreams, they reveal me
and my thoughts, they reveal me
and when I live, I reveal me
I do
Track Name: Closure
ready or not
here I leave
until everything's how it's supposed to be

because i don't deserve your fear
about what we'll never be

well i can't write you now
that you had so much bravery that
i could hide behind yours

i could be
in your room
and show you things that you'd like too
a tv show
a record
a scene between me and you

i am blast processing
i promised you this won't be slow
but you hate me more
than i ever knew you, i am sure

i am as nervous as you are