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released October 1, 2011



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The Mourning Post Köln, Germany

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Track Name: Addiction Accessoire
as long as the piano plays
cheap wine becomes my art
addiction accessoire

riding trains to arrive once in my life
smiling is work
friends are payment
i can't see the party surrounded by all these drinks

i'm destroying every mirror in the world
i'm shouting out your secrets left unheard

i'll wake up, but i
can't sleep anymore
i'm so poor, i thought
silence was gold

you're on ice
but winter is ending soon
i carry water in my hands
i'm losing everything i have

i am nervous like a wasp in autumn
loss of blood
makes me colder
i can see my breath with my burning lung

it's so easy to live your life
like you don't live at all
i'm packing up my parachute
and start to fall
Track Name: I Shot Sans Serif
now i'm standing here
where ahead means arise
where rest is breaking legs
until you keep moving on

and if i fall
then only out of frames
half dead is still alive
i never felt completed anyway

let's wait lives short
falling asleep from the (ladder)
(letter) we write
only small these days

so lock me up
and i will break out
but freedom is my cell

and this ambulance
burning quietly on the street
could have saved one more life
but this time it was not supposed to be me

rain and hunger
sleeping forever
never knowing
what's the point of this at all

i'm going to the wishing well
and taking all my money back

i want roads without turns
and finding without search
my name on the guestlist
until i get what i deserve

every letter looks different
my typing lacks significance
i can't control my bitterness
i shot sans serif today

(so we disguise)
ourselves in this (we hide)
walking status symbols (we hide)
without a dress (we hide)

i'm drowning in the wishing well
i missed all my friends down here

this is why i love beginning
a safely planned heart pounding
the water starts to disappear
when we laugh about dying here